Sunday, 21 June 2009

Mango Pudding

This Mango pudding has a silky smooth and creamy texture and I should say, I just made it out of the ingredients that I had in my pantry and to finish up the mango that dint taste good enough! The mango was sour and tasteless I should say, So I decided to turn it into a pudding. And it came out brilliant. It somewhat tasted like the mango ice cream that we get from restaurants in Kerala. If you are someone who loves creamy desserts, then this is for you. If you want it airy as in mousse, you can also whip up one egg white until stiff and fold it at the end after folding the cream.I would try that method next time.:). And if you want some texture to your pudding, you can add 1/2 cup of chopped mangoes, may be add some roasted nuts, or some pralines....and so on...

1 large mango diced (1 1/2 cups or 350 gms)
3 tsp gelatine
3 tbs water
3/4 tin of 397g condensed milk
280 mls Heavy whipping cream
2 tbs castor sugar
1 orange's peel

1.Place mango, condensed milk and orange peel in a food processor and procees it until you get a smooth texture. You can do it in a liquidizer as well.
2. Add sugar to the cream and whip it until you get stiff peaks.
3.Add water to gelatine and heat it in microwave for few seconds, stirring in between until all the gelatine crystals are dissolved. You can also melt the gelatine placing it in a bowl and then placing the bowl over simmering water and heat until all the gelatine crystals are completely melted. This is the method normally followed. But I did the Microwave one and it worked just fine.
4. Add the melted gelatine in the mango-condensed milk mixture and mix well.
5. Divide the whipped cream into two parts. Add the first part to the mango mixture and mix well until well combined. Add few drops of yellow colour if required. Fold slowly the second part of the cream and mix slowly.
6. Refrigerate for few hours until set and serve cold with raspberries.

This Post goes for the Mango Mela that is being hosted by cooking4allseasons .

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