Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Guest Post~Hazelnut Macarons with Mocha Ganache

I am just done with my spring cleaning and finally sorted my kitchen cabinets. Pheww. My kitchen cabinet’s been overflowing, with all the stuffs jumbled up in spite of cleaning them every couple of months. Things being lost deep in the cabinets and myself trying to fish them out standing on a chair and often knocking the jars off the shelf has been happening regularly since the past few weeks. So I had to do organize it and I planned to do it big. It took me several hours for 2-3 days to sort them out, but finally it is done. There were many unused and sparingly used spice jars and that left me wondering if there is any spice that I don’t really own! I never even used some of them.

While cleaning the cabinets, I also found out these pack of hazelnut hiding in a corner. I went ahead and baked some great biscottis a while ago and with the leftover ones, I could not think of baking anything but macarons. Hazelnut macarons tasted very different from the regular almond ones and had a great hazelnut flavour which would pair well with nutella. It was delicious, came out perfectly baked and looked great.

I felt honoured when Ambika asked me to do a guest post and these macarons were the first that came to mind. To see more of the post, recipe and pictures, please hop over to Ambika’s Kitchen. She’s got a great space there
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