Monday, 28 March 2011

Some 'Likes' Please!

Hello there,
This post is nothing related to food. It's a bout a photography competition held by perizia where my following pictures are selected. The selection for the final round is based on the number of 'likes' you give on each photo. You would have guessed it now. Yes, I am in need of some ' likes' as i posted my pictures way late in the competition. If you  liked my pictures, pls go to their contest page, 'like' the contest page and 'like' my picture (s) if you liked them. - Snowbound britain, melting moments and mother nature are my photoes. Hope You liked them. Popular pictures (One with the maximum number of 'likes' qualifies it to final seven).Pls 'like ' my pictures on Perizia contest page! You wud have 2 click 'like' on perizia contest page 1st. 

Updated: Deadline for accepting 'likes' is on 2nd April. Please hurry up friends. 

1. Click 'like' on the link below.!/album.php?fbid=153920561335329&id=144655288928523&aid=31876 - perizia reflection contest page

2. Then click on 'like' on following pictures with links:

A)!/photo.php?fbid=155391021188283&set=a.153920561335329.31876.144655288928523&theater - melting moments

B)!/photo.php?fbid=155458674514851&set=a.153920561335329.31876.144655288928523&theater -mother nature

C)!/photo.php?fbid=155459414514777&set=a.153920561335329.31876.144655288928523&theater - snowbound Britain

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