Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Mutta Porichathu (Egg Fritters)

Mutta Porichathu is one of the most simplest of fritters. Like pazham porichathu (Plantain fritters) or dates porichathu (Dates fritters), Egg fritters are also made in the similar way . I normally make this during an evening tea or iftar. This is one of my hubby's favorite snacks and he was the one who showed me how to make it. And one of my readers - Zeb had asked me to post ramadan recipies here, so this one is for her. Even though simple, I didn't know this one until my hubby told me about it. I have few recipes in draft, but the problem is putting them up here, since typing and editing and adding pics and all takes lot of time. Will try to put them all as time allows:)

6 medium size eggs, boiled and shelled
Seasoning for eggs:
Salt - As required.
pepper - As required
For batter:
1/3 cup plain flour (Maida)
2 tbs rice flour
a pinch of salt
water - as required
Oil - to deep fry the fritters

1. Cut the boiled eggs lengthwise. Sprinkle black pepper ans salt on the cut side.
2. Mix the flour with salt. Make a medium thick batter by adding enough water to flour.
3. Slowly lift the seasoned eggs with a spoon and drop it in the batter. Pour the batter with a spoon over the eggs until the eggs are covered in batter.
4. Heat a large Kadai and add enough oil to deep fry the fritters.
5. Slowly lift the fritters with spoon and fry it in the oil until golden and crisp. Drain the excess oil in kitchen towel.
You can fry thse in two batches. Turn a couple of times to make sure that all sides are cooked and golden.


Sushma Mallya said...

That looks really delicious..never tried frying eggs anytime....thanks for the recipe shabs...

rachel said...

This is very very new to me and looks very tempting.

Faiza Ali said...

Looks very tempting, will surely try this, soon.

Parita said...

Wow this is something new, nice idea dear :)

Anonymous said...

Ha,what a yummy recipe..am scared of egg yolks but..Will try them soon..hope you will post more ramdan delights..hugs

Pavithra said...

Looks yummy shabs.. wish to have one.. crispy and yummy

Shabs.. said...

Sushma, try it, hope u will like it.
Rachel, th xfor dropping by, if u try it, let me know.

Faiza, thx:)...let me know once u try it.

Parita, thx..

Ann, thank uuuuuuu..... I hope i will be trying some new for ramadan..:)


Varsha Vipins said...

Woah..yummy ones..Thanks Shabs for what you know..This is a long forgotten recipe for me..My mom used to prepare such fritters loooong back when we were kids..esply for virunnu n all..She makes a masala batter with kadalamavu,chilli powder n all n dips eggs n fry it..How could I forget it all the time..:P..Hope u have a great nombu period n perunnal..:)

Anonymous said...

Thanx a lot sweetie

Faiza Ali said...

I have an award for you on my blog. Kindly accept it.

Smitha said...

Arre Wah!
That will be a great starter or a nice addition in some thick gravy. Nice one shabs.

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