Monday, 27 October 2008

Chocolate Coated Brazil nuts

I don’t really know how I came up with making these chocolate coated Brazil nuts. That particular day I had bad craving for sweets and all I could see was some cooking chocolates in the cabinet that I bought in bulk the other day when there was a huge price drop. Since the chocolate was 72% cocoa containing dark chocolate, it was bitter rather than sweet. These chocolates will make an excellent frosting for cakes or a ganache. Then I started thinking of making something out of it that as easy as 1-2-3 and requires minimum amount of time. First I thought of making chocolate mousse, but again the thought of whipping up the egg made me lazy. Then I spotted some brazil nuts in the same cup-board and suddenly it clicked me to make my favourite chocolate, i.e. Chocolate coated Brazil nuts. I normally buy milk chocolate coated Brazil nuts to which I’m very much addicted to. Once I start eating them, somebody has to handcuff me to stop eating them. I used to have a bag of these chocolates containing around 24-26 chocolates. Ya, it was SEK who counted them one day. One day when we were going to London for our visa purpose, I grabbed a bag of Brazil chocolates and slipped it into my pocket so that I can eat them all the way to London which was 2 hour train journey. SEK saw me putting something into my pocket and asked me what it was. I told him it was Brazil nut chocolates. Knowing me very well and my chocolate greediness, he told me not to eat more than 2 pieces from it. I told him that’s too less. He then miserly increased the number to 4. I told him I am not going to stop by eating 4 and that’s too less. He then started counting the chocolates and warned me not to eat more than 4.

We then set off for London and I started nibbling on chocolate very slowly like a toothless child. When I had around four of them, SEK grabbed the bag and kept it in his hand. And after sometime he slept off with the bag of chocolate loosely held in his hand. I slowly started twisting my two fingers into the bag to get hold on another piece and started munching it. Later when SEK was in deep sleep, I took the bag from him slowly and kept on munching the whole journey. SEK had completely forgotten about the chocolates by then. When we reached home, SEK asked me, “Where is the chocolate bag?”. I replied by saying “You had taken it from the train and you dint give it back” and I just smiled. SEK out of astonishment asked me “You ate them all, didn’t you?!....Yes, I had a bag of chocolates in half a day. After that day, I purposely avoid getting them. I find it that addictive!
Chocolate Coated Brazil nuts
Serves : Depends on the person.
Ingredients: (Appx)
75 gm Milk chocolate
10-15 brazil nuts.
1. Break chocolate into small pieces. Microwave them for few seconds until the chocolate is completely melted. This doesn’t take very long. But if kept for longer time, chocolate will get burnt. Chocolate can also be melted by Bain Marie method.
2. Add Brazil nuts to this chocolate one at a time and roll over until all sides are coated with chocolate. Pick it up with a fork and place it on a baking paper. Continue with the rest of the nuts and pour the remaining melted chocolate on the nuts slowly.

3. Place the chocolates in freezer for around 10 minutes or until the chocolate is completely set. Peel off the chocolates from the baking paper and Start munching.

1. If you are using dark chocolate add 1 tbs of icing sugar along with chocolate while melting it.

2. If you dont have baking paper, lighly oil an aluminium foil and place chocolates on them.


sadia said...

my mouth is literally watering. lol

Shab.. said...

:)..try them out.

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