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Chocolate Macarons with Mocha Ganache

Hi all,

Happy Halloween! Hope you all had a great time today and had a wonderful Eid last week. Belated Eid wishes to all. I was hoping to post this on the day before Eid, but things did not work the way it was supposed to work. My terrible procrastination is to be blamed for that. 

For the reason, UK being a Christian country, Eid is not widely known and hence no official holidays or celebrations. On the day, the husband was at work and kid was school, and I was at the verge of breaking into tears thinking of celebrating Eid at home all by myself. 

Being brought up in a household with lot of things happening, it is sometimes a bit hard to be all by yourself. Even though, I have got used to the solitary peace by now and enjoy it, I would still want to be around my loved ones during celebratory occasions. Thankfully, the husband came home at noon in time for lunch and we picked up kid early from school; had our usual Eid meal - Mutton Biryani and chicken fry for lunch and it went great. The dessert was something I had been looking forward to making and heard a lot about - the trifle, a very simple and quite a popular dessert and so delicious. I can’t wait to share.

Eid-al-Adha or the Feast of the sacrifice is a major festival celebrated by muslims all over the world. You can read more of it here. It actually comes towads the end of Hajj period. It is usually celebrated annually on the 10th, 11th and 12th of of Dul Hijjah, the last month of Lunar Islamic calendar. Since I grew up in the Middle East, my childhood memories of Eid back in India is negligible. It was always celebrated in Abu Dhabi except for last year where I celebrated Eid in India after a long gap of 22 years. It was a grandeur family event with all our cousins, uncles and aunts meeting up in our ‘tharavadu’ and visiting all relatives.

While I used to be in Abu Dhabi, myself and my sisters sit late at night day before the big day, chitchatting and laughing and applying the henna while my mother preparing the Biryani masala for the next day. We sleep off with the henna in hand, sometimes covering the hand loosely with a plastic bag to collect any dry henna that falls off the hand and to prevent messing up the bed and staining it. The applied henna is constantly wet with lime juice mixed with sugar or black tea to bring out the rich henna colour. It is usually washed off the next day morning leaving behind a deep dark burnt orange henna pattern on hand and the intoxicating aroma of mehendi..

On the big day, we wake up much early, take shower put on the clean, new crisp clothes and go to masjid to perform Eid prayers. After the prayers, Eid greetings are exchanged with warm hug. After getting back home, we straight away indulge in luscious homemade meal, which usually is a mutton biryani, chutney, raita and a chicken fry and alisa. At home, both my sisters don’t eat mutton and fish, so my mom has to make some chicken biryani, just for them or chicken biryani for all of us. In the evening we go out in the beach or town and spend some great time together. It has all changed; changed big time after I came here where there are no official holidays for Eid, the schools are open and no celebrations in the country unless it falls on a week end where the friends make great plans and we get together for Eid.

It’ s Halloween today and we friends (neighbours) planned some games and stuff for kids to enjoy and we all had fantastic time together. I’ve got a bunch of great neighbours who I get along well with and are the sweetest of people I met in a while. It was great to see the kids in Halloween costumes; my son was dressed up as a vampire and I thought he was the cutest vampire ever! After the games and food, we were planning to light up some fireworks and then go trick or treating, but thanks to the horrible British weather, it was too windy and cold and to top it up, it started raining. So, we couldn’t go out or light up the crackers, but kids had great fun.

Anyways, coming to the recipe, chocolate macarons is the one I keep making over and over again as my little one demands it. He absolutely adore chocolate macarons. Chocolate macarons are the only macarons that took me quite a few trials to get right. For many reasons, it went wrong. I never followed a recipe right and I have been too confident that I would never expect it to go wrong. But it did. It failed few attempts yielding macarons with sloppy feet, cracked tops and hollow pockets. Macarons, even the failed ones are good to munch on, and to crush on to ice creams and desserts, so I din’t have to bin them. But the texture of a failed macaron is way different from a successful macaron with beautiful feet. Here is the recipe that gave me beautiful macarons with perfect feet and delicate shells. Double the recipe as needed.

Chocolate macarons with Mocha ganache
Makes 26 small ones

For shells:
20g caster sugar
58g aged egg whites
65g Almond (slivers, blanched or powder)
100g icing sugar
20g cocoa powder

Mocha Ganache:

100g semisweet chocolate
100mls double cream
½ tsp-1 tsp instant coffee

Preparation (shells):

**For an elaborate macaron post with my tips and links to other helpful sources, check out my first macaron post here.

For ageing egg whites: Place egg whites in a clean bowl. Cover it with a cling cover and poke few holes in the film. Keep it in your kitchen counter for 24-48 hours or in fridge for up to 5 days. This ageing helps to reduce the moisture content in the egg whites and helps to make firmer shells. Fresh egg whites make fragile cookies which may break off as you try to lift them off the baking paper.

1. Line your baking sheet with baking paper or silpat. Fit your piping bag with a round tip nozzle and place it in a tall glass or a jar to ease you while scooping the batter in.

2.Powder almonds, cocoa powder and icing sugar in a food processor or a grinder into very flour-like fine powder. Sieve the mixture 1-2 times to break up the lumps. Transfer the mixture to a large mixing bowl and keep aside while you work with meringue.

3. For making meringue, using an electric blender, whisk egg whites in a squeaky clean bowl (preferably metallic bowl as it is difficult to maintain a plastic/glass bowl grease free) on high until it starts to form soft peaks. Add in caster sugar and beat until stiff peaks form. It should be like a smooth, glossy shaving cream like form. Make sure it is not over beaten and dry, which would result in dry shells.

4. Add the dry mixture to meringue in 2-3 portions and start folding it until everything is just combined and no more of dry mixture could be seen. Use a flexible spatula for this and mix until you get a smooth, shiny batter that ruggedly drips down the spoon once you lift it. DO NOT over mix once you have reached that thick batter stage. For testing, place a teaspoon of batter in a plate and you see it spreading flat slowly, then the batter should be ready. If it has a peak on top, give couple more folds and check again. Keep checking the batter at each stage by placing a spoon of batter in the plate to judge the consistency.

5. Scoop the batter into the bag placed in the tall glass. Once the batter is all scooped in, twist the ends of piping bag tight to seal the batter in. Pipe out small rounds of about 2 cm diameter on your baking paper leaving about 2 inches in between. The macaron batter will spread and then join hands with the next one if they are piped too close, so make sure leave at least 2 inches between them. Rap the baking sheet few times on a table to remove any bubbles trapped in the batter. (To help you with the round shape, you can use this template).

6. Let the macarons sit to dry for as long as it forms a thin skin on top or is dry and leaves no indentation once touched or the batter doesn’t stick to hands once touched. It depends from place to place depending on the weather and humidity, and it may take anywhere between half hour up to 3 hours.

7. Preheat the oven to 150 degree Celsius. Bake the macaron for 11-13 minutes. Do not open the oven until they are completely done. Take them out and let them cool down for half an hour or so. Peel them out gently and sort them out with same size shells.

8. Sandwich the shells  with Ganache and leave it in fridge to mature for a day or two to get maximum flavour out of it. It is very important to mature the cookies as that filling will be absorbed into the shells and the flavours blend well. Unfilled shells can be frozen.

For the filling:
Bring double cream to simmering point in a heavy base pan or in microwave. Once you start seeing small bubbles appearing along the sides, turn the heat off and add chopped chocolates and coffee granules into it. Leave it for couple of minutes and then stir well until combined. Leave aside until it firms enough to pipe.


Familycook said...

I am so impressed by your macaroons!

Roshu said...

Yummy fav

great-secret-of-life said...

lovely clicks! nicely done

Anusha said...

gorgeous is how i ll call your macaroons... and yeah i know how it is to apply henna... lovely tradition

Srividhya Ravikumar said...

tempting it...

Kajal said...

Love macarons! They are my new found love and waiting for the rains to pass, so that I can make more! Love how neat ur macs look :) and belated Eid wishes!

Serah said...

Hi Shabs,
Have been following your blog for a while. These macarons look perfect. I have been wanting to try macarons for a while and i think i am gonna follow your recipe :) . Superb pics too!!!


Shema George said...

I was planning macaroons last weekend but i had to change my plans do to Sandy (the storm)...Yours look fabulous - Love it...cute clicks too :)

Az said...

These macarons are to die for.. came out so good and perfect!!!

Vimitha Durai said...

Beautiful clicks and perfect macaroons

divya said...

Very tempting macarons, looks super yummy

Priya Suresh said...

Even i felt like saying the same when its comes govt. holidays for festivals, even for diwali this year,its a working day and both hubby and kids wont be at home,am missing India during this festive days:(..

Btw those macarons are seriously terrific,highly addictive and irresistible,prefect feast for a chocoholic person like me.

Manju @ Manjus Eating Delights said...

That look so divine and beautiful...I'm yet to try making macarons, but its definitely on my list of things to try!


Home Cooked food said...

so good little goodness of heaven.

Rinku Naveen said...

Shaby you have become a professional in making macarons. I am in love with them. They looks so perfect. When is your next trip home? Do get me some to taste. :)

Poornima Nair said...

Don't we all miss India during our festivals! Shabs all the food you've descibed is making me drool now and I'm down with the flu unable to do a thing:( and it's Diwali today.
Absolutely love the macaroons and the styling. Will be trying them soon and probably bug you for help!

Shabs.. said...

Thank you all....

Rinku, I just cam eback from india few mnonths back....couldnt keeep in touch as we came down for emergency.

poornima, I am waiting for ur macaron adventure and pics. Ping me anytime u need help.:)


aparna said...

i have a query
how do u measure 58g egg white? how many eggs is it? I would appreciate your reply
can u also give in tblsp the almonds, icing sugar and caster sugar amount instead of gms?

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